Going Digital with your Tax Returns

Going Digital with your Tax Returns

There is no doubt that the world has gone digital. Digitization is affecting all industries, businesses, and people. The benefits of digitization can be found in many forms. From streamlining business practice, to better filing and archiving of information. There is a great opportunity to improve the way you live and work, and the potential is huge. At Addition Accounting, we are all about going digital. Our services and support staff have a very clear and simple goal; to help customers become enabled through digital technology and to optimize your business to perform better.

Running your own business is not easy. During this challenging time, we have put together some supporting information about why you should be moving to more digital services to ensure your business continues to thrive. These are designed to provide a case for making your business digital.

Do you still rely heavily on paper-based working? Is your office filled with paper records including your taxes? Here are a few interesting viewpoints on why you should be adopting digital ways of working.


Finding information in paper format takes longer.


Looking through old bits of paperwork takes time. Digital documents can be searched and retrieved much faster.


Paperwork is expensive.


Storing documents actually costs money. As does the cost of buying printers, ink and the maintenance and upkeep of this process. Digital records can be extremely cost-effective.


When paper is gone, it is gone for good.


Digital records are backed up and stored safely.


Communication is less efficient.


Paper-based communications are slow. If you want to send/receive messages, then writing a letter is best used for less immediate purposes.


Going digital is better for the environment.


By being digitally enabled, you are essentially helping protect forests, reducing pollution and  emissions. You’re doing your bit for the planet.


Using paper is less innovative.


We all know innovation is changing. The way to innovate your business is not by finding the latest letterhead or the right ink cartridge. It is in finding better ways of working, and this can be achieved through digital workflows.


Partner with experts


Cloud-based applications make it much easier to do your work. They allow you to keep on top of your accounts by delivering up-to-the-minute bookkeeping. Having an expert partner on hand can also enhance your current operations and optimization of your business.


What are the benefits of partnering with digital experts?


  • They know what they’re doing. Just like you know what you’re doing with your business.


  • It’s in their interest to improve your business.


  • They can support you in the move to digital workflows.


Phase out old ways of working. If you’re still keeping your receipts in a shoe box then now is the time to go digital with your bookkeeping. Our team of experts are ready to support you to transform your business finance processes.




The digital world is here for good. It’s now affordable and easy to be more agile. Our message is get in touch and see what we can do for you.